You’ve checked your list, you’ve checked it twice… and you’re missing a gift for the career girl in your life. By this time in December, your delivery timing is cutting it close for anything you order online. That is why I made this list! All of these gifts are available for in-store or curbside pick-up, OR they are available for prime shipping in Canada from If you order on the day this article comes out, Tuesday, December 15, 2020, these gifts should arrive by Friday, Dec 18, 2020. Oh, and everything is under $50 CAD, cha-ching!

Friend, colleague, or sister, (you name it!) you’re guaranteed to hit the red and green bullseye on gift-giving with these ideas for the young, emerging professional women in your life.

1. Bougie Coffee Mug With an Assortment of Coffees or Teas

Pair a fashionable coffee mug with an assortment of coffees or teas from your local coffee or tea cafe. If you’re really bougie, you can go for the premium-pricedember mug that keeps coffee hot as it sits on your career girl’s desk. The ember mugs come with a hefty price tag, however.

Grab your mask and pop into any David’s Tea store for their tea sampler packs. This link will take you to their tea sets for under $25.

2. Fashionable Notebooks

Notebooks are great for keeping meeting notes or jotting down personal reminders for later. A career girl can never have too many! Start with Indigo, which has a wide variety of the most on-trend stationery.

Indigo notebooks are usually $9 – $16 each. Image Source.

3. Stylish Paper Organizers

Help a girl free up some desk room while adding to the aesthetic of her work-from-home space.

5. Vouge Desk Accessories

Feeling great in your home office comes down to two things: functionality and aesthetics. Since your career girl probably has functionality sorted out already (what career girl doesn’t?), make her space a gratifying, feel-good space with some desk accessories that look great.

Add an element of personalization with a customizable message lightbox. This one is on Amazon for $24.99 and is available for Prime one-day shipping.

4. Set of Multi-Coloured Pens

This gift might not be the one you think of first, but coloured pens are the perfect gift for the career girl that colour codes her agenda to stay organized.

My #1 favourite pens for colour coding are uni-ball “eye” pens. Sometimes ink pens can have inconsistent flow (annoying), but these have never let me down. Don’t worry if you miss the shipping deadline below. You can pick these up almost anywhere, and most places will have a curbside pick-up option. Staples or Walmart are a good place to start.

This gift pairs well with the stationery ideas that are coming next!

6. Trendy (but Functional) Stationery

I’m not one to suggest gifting agendas since everyone has their preferences when it comes to what kind of planners they like. Notepad desk planners, however, are perfect for busy days and quick notes that will be referred to once before being discarded. Keep an eye out for notepad planners without pre-assigned dates are the best since they will still be useful after 2021.

7. Cozy Lap Desk

Working from home means you’re not handcuffed to your desk as if it’s the ONLY place to work. With a lap desk, your career girl can have a cozy, productive change of scenery by moving to the couch or moving outside to get things done. If you don’t want to order online, Best Buy has cute lap desks for under $40. You can skip the COVID-19 risk (and the Christmas shopping madness) by calling ahead to see if your locations offer curbside pick-up.

8. Bestseller Books Written by Women Who Have “Done It”

What better examples can career girls look up to? Two excellent, always-a-hit books are:

“The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” by Melinda Gates. The hardcover version is on sale at Indigo for $22.16 (reg. $34.99).
“Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg. The hardcover version is on sale at Indigo for $28.04 (reg. $34.95).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep with a book in my face and the lights still on, so a reading light is a perfect complement to this gift. If you’re staying with Indigo, you’ll find book lights under $15 that you can include in your curbside order.

9. Lunch Delivery Gift Card

Instead of making lunch, your career girl could have lunch delivered by Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, or Door Dash. The time that you free up will be welcomed because it leaves an hour in the day where she can check up on her side hustle, work on her career development plan, or fit in a home workout.

10. Home Office Snack Collection Gift Box

It’s super easy to make your career girl her own office snack box – just visit any grocery store. I recommend visiting the heath-foods aisle to add a variety of health-oriented packaged snacks. Popular treats to look out for are toasted coconut chips, protein or health bars, kale chips, health-conscious jerky, low-sugar fruit snacks, crackers, chocolate covered nuts or dried fruits, and popcorn. My personal favorite is anything made by SmartSweets.

If you’re not concerned with delivery before Christmas, take a look at The Balance Company Original Snack Box. You could then write a card for her to open on Christmas morning with the expected delivery of her post-holiday, back-to-work snacks.