In spring 2016, my grandmother introduced me to a “pay it forward” jewellery company called The Giving Keys. Their accessories were huge trend where she lives and my cousin was really into them, but I didn’t quite know what they were. The idea behind the business goes like this:

  • You are given a key with a single word, a mantra, stamped into it’s base. Embrace the meaning of the word, learn from it, and fulfill the purpose of the word.
  • When it’s time, pass your key on to someone else who needs the inspiration
  • Know that your original purchase supports jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness.

The word my grandmother had chosen for me was “create”, which was perfect. Anyone in my circle would tell you that creativity is in my DNA: from painting and music to problem-solving. The mantra my grandmother chose for me couldn’t have been – and still couldn’t be – more perfect.

Your absolute need-to-knows about The Giving Keys

Each purchase generates work hours for people transitioning out of homelessness. To date, they’ve created 139,112 hours of work. Talk about paying it forward! Find out more here.

They care about the meaning their accessories carry for their customers. The Giving Keys shares stories about the heartfelt impact their accessories have on their customers. Furthermore, they also carry out a larger campaign called The Word Project which focuses the multiple significance of specific words. Neat, right?

They are constantly refreshing their product lines. Since I’ve been following The Giving Keys, I’ve seen many collections come and go. Some of the most recent product collections are the Inspiration Bead Collection, the Vintage Skeleton Key Collection, and the anticipated Rose Gold Collection (which I am swooning over, of course).

The Inspiration Bead Collection
The Inspiration Bead Collection, image by The Giving Keys
The Skeleton Key Collection
The Skeleton Key Collection, image by The Giving Keys
The Rose Gold Collection
The Rose Gold Collection, image by The Giving Keys