A recorded video interview is an applicant screening tool used to learn more about job applicants prior to scheduling an interview.  If you’re selected for screening, your recruiter will send you a link to download the software application used to receive your submission. Keep scrolling for my first-hand account and a short review of recorded video interviews.

What should I remember before I even download the software?

It’s important to remember that your recorded responses are just a type of tool used to gather first impressions. Try not to be thrown off by seeing yourself on camera, and make the extra effort to be aware of the message that your verbal and non-verbal communication sends. Just as in a face-to-face interview, remember that you will want to show how you will fit into an existing team while simultaneously embodying aspects of the company culture.

How long does the process take?

I was asked a total of three questions in video format and was given a prep time of 5 minutes per question. Once recording began, I had two minutes of recording time and two additional re-record attempts. Altogether, I spent half an hour completing the interview. Of course, the amount of time spent on an interview will always depend on your preparedness and the extent of the questions asked by the organization.

What if I mess up?

I definitely messed up while getting used to using this new tool. That’s a-ok though, don’t worry! Recruitment software developers know that applicants will need more than one attempt, so many of the platforms offer an opportunity to re-record your responses. Vidcruiter, the software I was using for this particular interview, gives you two attempts to re-record your response. If you’ve prepared for your interview, this should be more than enough. Don’t let those nerves get to you!

What benefit does this interview format offer to the organization?

The niche for this product was born out of the need for efficient hiring management in competitive job markets (Hello, Vancouver!). The interview process for a single position could draw on for months due to the number of qualified applicants. Recorded video interviews offer the employer an additional screening step that can save hours during the hiring process.

What about the benefit it offers to me?

Recorded video interviews are very reasonable, and come with their fair share of pros and cons. On the down-side, I found it frustrating to download and install software for such a short interview. Furthermore, I found myself overthinking my answers because I wanted to further develop my responses with each recording attempt. Lastly, at least be cognizant of the fact that being on camera by yourself scales down the organic feel of an in-person interview.

Favourably, recorded video interviews are serious time savers for applicants too! Job searching is a long and gruelling process, and video interviews will save you hours of preparation and interview time during the pursuit of an opportunity that is not guaranteed to materialize.

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