Podcasts can take all of the credit for diminishing my commute frustration. They are an amazing resource for you to learn about an interesting topic, immerse yourself in a story, or tune out to easy-listening content. Listening to podcasts has contributed to my networking ability because it has helped to broaden the range of conversations I can take part in with colleagues, managers, and mentors. If you’re a weekday commuter, you need to get into podcasts.


Hosted by the creator of askamanager.org, Alison Green, and partnered with the HowStuffWorks Network “Ask A Manager” offers real-world advice for difficult situations that are all-too-common in office work-settings. Even when I’m not looking for perspective on a particular issue, I still consider many episodes worth the listen because I end up gaining insight into common situations I may encounter. There have been numerous times where I’ve listened to an episode only to feel reassured that what I have done in the past, or what I thought I might do, was and is the best course of action. This podcast has reinforced my own workplace communication strategies and will guarantee to keep your head out of workplace drama and in the girl boss game to build a satisfying career. Past topics include:

  • How to start a new job off on the right foot
  • How to cope with a work problem you can’t change
  • How to work with a co-worker that gets away with everything
  • How to deal with a colleague who takes credit for your work
  • How to communicate about your desired professional development with your manager


Part of the Parcast Network, each episode of “Great Women of Business” profiles the business environment and backgrounds of women behind brands like Estée Lauder, Tupperware, and Field’s. The value I find in this podcast comes from seeing how women have taken hold of opportunities and seen potential throughout unlikely times. Out of the three podcasts on this list, “Great Women of Business” sounds most like an audio-documentary and is the least conversational in style. Listeners will be taken on a descriptive tour of the careers of the most discernible business women of the 20th century and will be reminded that opportunity exists nearly everywhere so long as it can be discovered and activated.


I knew I was hooked on this podcast within 10 minutes of listening to my first episode. Each episode features Gimlet media CEO Alex Blumberg interviewing a prominent figure about their career. Similar to Parcast’s “Great Women of Business”, Alex’s interviews draw attention to the very unexpected ways that people achieve success – and failure – in their careers. Similar to “Great Women of Business”, “Without Fail” reminds me that opportunities are everywhere and that no matter how strange they are or what the results of my efforts will be, taking that opportunity is always going to offer forward career momentum.

“You reminded me of a really important lesson. Everything great I’ve done, I’ve had to have the courage at some point in the process to start over and re-think it. [….] I’m really proud of you for challenging the design of the store.”

From the episode that got me hooked: “The Man Behind the Iconic Apple Stores: Ron Johnson”.

If you’re wondering where to start listening, it’s probably going to be the app on your iPhone that you’ve never opened. For Android users, check out my favourite podcast app: Castbox.