A successful resume writer will dissect and relate the content of the posting to the work experience they already have. The secret is in re-wording the posting content.

The benefit to re-working the job posting lies in a tailored reading experience for the poster. On average, a recruiter will spend 6 seconds skimming a single resume (LinkedIn). In light of this, you are more likely to be called for an interview if your resume uses language that is familiar to the recruiter.

But before your resume makes it into the hands of a recruiter, you need to meet the screening criteria of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). An ATS is a type of software used by employers to scan and rank applicants based on the content of their applications. 95% of organizations use an ATS and 75% of resumes are not looked at by human eyes due to the resumes being discarded by the ATS (TopResume). Reiterating the job description language will offer you a home-field advantage because you are recycling language that will be recognized the employer’s ATS.

The posting says…

Your resume says…

It is essential for this person to have knowledge about “management concepts and practices and of current and emerging management issues at the operational level in the region.”


From indeed.com


Developed and implemented operational strategies based on common industry management issues which resulted in an 11% increase in productivity for the client communications department.

Required skills include the “ability to communicate complex information in a manner that can be understood by entry-level team members.”

From indeed.com


Created new departmental training materials to streamline the delivery of complex information. New-hire training time decreased by 20% leading to an 8% increase in department productivity due to the re-allocation of resources.



Created new departmental training materials to solidify understanding of complex inter-departmental business relationships which increased reporting accuracy by 7%.


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